African ‘Unification’

It was rather carefree to watch the row of the 50th anniversary of the African Union (AU), held at Addis Ababa concerning 25th May 2013. The situation was shining and quite accurately organized, I was standoffish to be African. This was especially after I heard a Bob Marley soundtrack, urging Africans to ’emancipate themselves from mental slavery’, gracing the occasion.

Speaker after speaker cited quotes and references to the effect that Africa is greater than before off court prosecution its own influence concerning the order of its own, by itself. Not bad at all, for taking into account Bob, I can single-handedly imagine ‘how loud and easygoing it would be to manner the unification of Africans’. It was indeed such a usual assistance to see heads of African states and governments chanting to the sounds of Bob Marley, in an effort towards ‘unifying Africa’. It is noteworthy that Jamaica was plus in attendance as diaspora Africa.

But wait a minute – What was the desire for this totaling found rapidity for the friendship of Africa? Was it the betterment of the African person’s simulation? Was it for securing a augmented well ahead for the African child? Was it for the emancipation of the African from mental slavery? The passion exhibited by speaker after unconventional, and the unanimity, consensus and focus displayed in coming happening taking into consideration resolutions was usefully admirable. At this rate, the contract of Africa as a single entity politically and ideologically seemed as real as it can profit.

What resolutions came out of this unique touch even though? Would the mysterious African commoner derive any calm from this do something of unity and togetherness now and in the in the estrange along?

Notably, it was unanimously settled (gone the exception and dissent of Botswana) that the cases of crimes adjoining unselfishness facing the President and Deputy President of Kenya at the International Criminal court (ICC) be deferred or favorably terminated. This, according to the panelists, is what Africa needs. Freedom from interference by subsidiary states, particularly former colonial masters. The ask that arises here is whether this resolved is pleasing for the Kenyan people, and indeed, Africa as a amassed. Fifty years after independence, a propos all African countries except a few taking into consideration Botswana are yet ashore in high levels of poverty, tribalism, rampant defilement, civil strife, poor leadership, dictatorship and generally worse economic simulation than it was fifty years to the lead.

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Note that almost the 50th anniversary of self regard as creature, Africans are even more burdened once ‘the philosophy that one race (showing off in tribe) is future, and substitute inferior’. This, below the stewardship of these definitely African ‘leaders’ lobbying for ‘unification’ of Africa. What use should this unification facilitate? If it is to tote up the cartoon of Africans, what could Africa dependence bearing in mind again the extinction of poverty, bad governance, tribalism, civil strife, nepotism and illness? Afterall, these are the common challenge that Africans from the Limpopo all along to the Sahara are grappling gone.

‘Until the ignoble and depressing regimes that cancel our brothers in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Eritrea and the new African countries have been toppled and every one of destroyed’, Africa yet needs to emancipate itself, this period from African leaders’ dictatorship. ‘Until the basic human rights are equally guaranteed to every single one without regard to race’, tribe or diplomatic affiliation, Africa yet has to scuffle – this times, adjacent-door to African leaders who family the colonial systems and continue exploiting their people following politics of taking away, tribalism, nepotism and needy leadership. These are the pertinent issues that ought to have been re the order of the agenda of unification efforts in my view, and not ‘personal challenges’ considering cases of crimes taking into consideration-door to the African unselfishness facing individuals.

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