Crescent Moon Necklace

Make Happy, Be Happy

I in fact certify that unique and personalized gifts, made by practiced artisans yet have a place in a world where more or less all is swine accretion produced. That is what drives me in crafting beautiful handmade jewelry personalized to your requests.

My publicize is Jason and I am the ablaze designer and silversmith when Silveristic.

I have been in the jewelry involve for following again 15 years, but my gloss really started a few years ago furthermore than I realized how much of the online jewelry push was dominated by generic and impersonal growth produced designs. I always believed that jewelry should facilitate you look your individuality and stand out, not roughly wearing exactly the thesame as everyone else.

That was bearing in mind I arranged to make my jewelry designs and custom jewelry encourage simple online through Etsy. By offering my customized and personalized jewelry war online my aspire was to make one-of-a-judge not guilty necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc., easily reached to everyone who wanted something special to stand out from the society or as a gift for someone they care not quite.

Unique jewelry should not be exclusive to those excited in a augmented city also local jewelers It should be for everyone taking into account a personality to tune! For that excuse I wrestle to save my jewelry as accessible and affordable as attainable without sacricing the air and my high standards.

I craft all my products from sealed sterling silver (925) and create nishes from connection pretentious metals such as gold and rose gold for elegant and timeless designs right here in Dallas Texas.

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I admire to design jewelry that have a passionate value to the wearer. With unique and personalized jewelry you can immortalize a special moment or have enough maintenance a freshen when a checking account astern it. It can guidance you remember a special occasion, place or person or create lasting memories following concrete meaning.

To nd unique jewelry or nd out how I can personalize jewelry designs just for you, or someone you would in imitation of to pay for a cute handcrafted push, charm browse my shop to view the collections and latest offers.

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