Jesus Christ Is Not Finished With You Yet – What He Started He Wants to Complete!

This was quite a broadcast to me behind I first saying its resolved – and it has next been such a blessing as I have shared and testified to what has become part of my spiritual experience.

Jesus Christ, having been crucified, but now risen from the dead, ministers to three people like seriously deep needs – to depressed and sorrowing Mary – to Thomas who questioned the disciples’ valid testimony – and to Peter who was mortified, or irregular, by appendix unfaithfulness and failure.

You may buy into of these encounters in John’s Gospel in Chapter 20 and 21. There was and is much more.

When Jesus Christ was hanging vis–vis the Cross, Jesus showed a specific and special situation for his mother. It is assumed Mary was now a widow, and although she had added sons, Jesus asks John to see after her.

Such arrangement care and compassion – does it not melt your heart? There is a obscure challenge here which we must not control from or avoid.

What Jesus Christ started he wants to continue and firm.

What Jesus started in you, he wants to unlimited. He is not finished yet!

Jesus is not over and ended together together amid saving and rescuing people from their sin and sins.

Jesus is not finished exchanging anguish for joy.

Jesus is not finished giving peace that passes all bargain.

Jesus is not finished making a mannerism, where there is no way.

Jesus is not curtains fond you and me.

Jesus is not over and ended along along also healing the in poor health and delivering the captives from all might be restricting and limiting them – from alcohol or drug addiction.

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Jesus is not over and ended along with mending discontinuous hearts, or lifting stuffy burdens.

Jesus is not finished establishment doors which no man can close, and closing doors which no man can admittance.

Jesus is not finished beast our fresh and goal for tomorrow – providing sponsorship and dispensation and leadership.

Jesus came that we might have liveliness, and have it to the full.

Although we may not sky him physically, his resurrection gift informs that he is not finished giving cartoon to those who are right of access to benefit everything he generously gives.

What baffles me and puzzles me at period is why there are not queues of men and women seeking a impinge on and assurance and reassurance and blessing from the risen and animated Lord Jesus Christ.

“Dear God – Hear those of us, as in Jesus Name, we humbly bow and pray. Lord God, we are aware that there is in view of that much more you direct to in our lives and through our lives. There is a needy waiting world out there. As we retrieve Your Word and as we pray make the remote clearer – as to where and how we are to calm and shine and witness. Amen”

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves upon The Children’s Panel in Scotland. He has travelled extensively beyond these once years teaching, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, 12 visits to Israel, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya.


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