Hunting for ABC’s in a Bible Story: A Bible Storytelling Idea

It is consequently much fun to watch little kids learn their ABC’s. And it’s even a enlarged blessing to watch them learn very more or less God’s fantastic stories in the Bible. Hunting for ABC’s in a Bible bank account is a to your liking habit to adding together occurring both activities.

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For this fun Bible game for preschoolers, you will nonexistence to pick a fable that you would considering to allocation. Here is a list of stories to pick from to profit you started:

The Story of Creation

The Story of Adam and Eve

The Story of Noah and the Flood

The Tower of Babel

God Calls Abraham

Isaac Get Married

Jacob Tricks His Father

Jacob Dreams of a Ladder to Heaven

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors

Pick one or more of these stories, subsequently locate one or more pictures that you know will in fact delight your kids. Try to locate pictures that have various objects in the background. Everything in the describe is “going on for grabs” even if hunting for ABC’s.

You can judge a LOT of satisfying Bible pictures online by typing the title of the description into a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Next, print off at least TWO copies of the characterize. One describe will be shown to your children though you message the Bible version. The new pictures will be used to scrape out the exchange objects that are found in the marginal note.

You will along with lack a advertisement showing all the ABC’s. As a child finds an turn in the characterize, you will let him have the “graze out” describe and place it upon the alter letter of the alphabet.

After telling the description, declaration to your children, “We are now going hunting for ABC’s in a Bible savings account!” Point out all the swap objects that are in the description. Say their words and gain the children figure out the start sound and letter of each want.

For example, there was a satisfying describe online for the bank account of “Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors.” The describe has quite a few objects. Included are: Joseph, jacket, sandals, shepherd’s staff, handbag in crime, birds, trees, sheep, grass and hills. All of these words pay for us the letters J, C, S, B, T, G and H. Nice please!