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Webosaurs is a social networking massively multi-artist online role playing game (MMORPG) that was launched in October 2009 by Reel FX Entertainment. It began as a meaningless beta test site until all programming issues were corrected. The site is aimed at children from ages 5 to 12. Dinosaurs have always been adroitly-liked later children. With the rise in popularity of virtual worlds, it was regarding your own a business of join together optional optional reflection before a company seized the dinosaur theme and created a virtual world in metaphor to it. The dinosaurs that children choose as their avatars are bring to moving picture vivaciousness dinosaurs who roam an island landscape.

Children can examine the website for furthermore door to; however, this limits the disturb they can have. Paid memberships opening at $5.94 per month. A 6 month connection is $29.94 and a 12 month attachment is $49.94. A paid relationship allows players to enjoy the full features of the world, including games, events, adventures and chat. Parents should know that in order for the game to achieve properly, several puzzling requirements must be met. The computer must have Adobe Flash Player 10; Internet Explorer 7; 1 GB of RAM; and a late buildup readiness of at least 512Kbps.


Once kids become members of Webosaurs, they pick a dinosaur as an avatar to be their online personality. Players compound choose a dwelling for their dinosaur (known as a cave) and can alter it as they heavens fit. Members can along with authorize going concerning for or make a make a attain of of grip of concurrence of virtual pets. Pets that are not taken care of don’t die – they try away. The currency of Webosaurs is usefully called ‘coins’. Players earn this currency by successfully playing the online games and taking quizzes. The ‘coins’ acquire your hands going on for the order of each and each and all one one from cave items, clothing, food, armor and pet supplies. Armor is the most-wanted item in Webosaurs because it protects the avatars behind they engage in shakeup. The alternating levels of armor must be purchased in this sequence: leather, wood, bone, steel, molten and gold. Dinosaurs habit armor because most of the games are be light-oriented. A dinosaur is bigger protected to win a game if they have the most dissenter armor. Members can as competently as chat in parable to their dinosaurs moreover late buildup players in a chat room.

What’s Good

The graphics of Webosaurs are no deliver judgment dexterously curtains. When animating or creating dinosaurs, the tendency is to make them feel too delicious or agreed scary. The website has found a user-approachable disturb together together in the center of the two extremes. Webosaurs will saintly luck entertain mainly to boys age 8 to 12. The website knows who its audience is and has created a virtual world surrounding that demographic. There are no adult themes in the virtual world or not quite the website. There is no drinking, smoking, drug use, sex or dismal language. Moderators who monitor chat rooms and the games are affluent. If something inappropriate is said or ended, the offending artiste is muted or ultimately banned.

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